About Joelle

That’s right, I’m just another screwed up, insecure, struggling writer. I’m a neurotic mother of two (you’ll get to know them as George and Zoe), and I’m in a reasonably stable interfaith, inter-political marriage to a very forgiving, calm and loving Southern man who puts up with all my shit while I effort to survive my forced menopause without tumbling completely over the edge. I’ve been writing since I can remember, including my break-out fictional thriller, “The Killer Seal,” when I was not quite 10 years old and terrified to go into the ocean after watching “Jaws.”

I had been a brick-and-mortar newspaper reporter and loved that job, but it became difficult to run out to a fire or flood in the middle of the night once my children were born. I’ve written a semi-autobiographical novel about my crazy family, but I’m currently on the lookout for a good editor who hears my written voice, and a publisher who will sell more than a few copies of my novel. My mother keeps trying to convince me to self-publish, but to me, that sounds just as bad as a plastic surgeon trying to perform her own boob job; no, not the chop job the Antarctica doc heroically performed on herself to slice out her cancer when she was snowed in, but a mesmerizing tit creation and envy of every Hollywood starlet. Sorry, I digress—better get used to it; that’s how my mind works.

I’ve found a sort-of happy home (please sir, may I have some more fucking money!) writing for a daily New York Times newspaper in California (mostly online and the Sunday printed edition) while life has taken over with genetic testing, prophylactic mastectomies (that’s right, no cancer), my child’s newly diagnosed ADHD, my worsening OCD tendencies, and hoping I’m not as bad a role model for my children as my ongoing guilt tells me I am. Oh, and I like to say “Fuck” periodically (okay, a lot), so if this word—one that makes my Tourette’s brain feel so incredibly good to spout—makes you uncomfortable, my blogging may not be the best reading selection in your day.

I’m bitchy, ornery, sarcastic and I absolutely adore my children (just like every Jewish mother). I’ve worked for various politicians in California and on Capitol Hill (all democrats, of course…would you believe my husband once worked for Jesse Helms?), and I’ve worked in television, as well, which is where I met my director husband. When you hail from that combination of work experience (and throw in a few political campaigns, including a presidential campaign, in addition to having a sibling who died at a young age), you quickly learn how to laugh at life, otherwise, you’ll slit your wrists from too many “what if” scenarios and an abundance of depressing shit in the world.

And one last item to appease my Jewish mother’s note of bragging, I earned my master’s in communications/journalism from Stanford University. That and six bucks will get me through the toll plaza on the Golden Gate Bridge (yes, that’s from my dad).

Did I mention I like to write? Sorry this is so long.

Thanks for reading! Please tell your friends to visit.


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