Posted by: Joelle Burnette | July 22, 2013


connectI’m a writer and an artist which basically means I’m screwed in the financial department until I have my decades-old overnight success story and get discovered. Until that big bucket of money falls out of the sky, I write, I paint, I check my e-mail and surf LinkedIn. Contacts; it’s all about contacts, right?

So, today, I got connected with an editor from a publishing company, and…wait for it…alas, the big bucket of money did not smack me in the head, but I found something more valuable. It won’t pay my bills, mind you, but it’s important, nevertheless.

Indeed, I found a guy who brought a laugh to my caffeine-infused morning; and we can all use a laugh once in a while, if for any other reason than to stop us from listening to our inner psycho-artist voice (known as our mother) who wants us to give up after trying so hard for so long to make something of our desperate writer’s voice. Ahh…got that out.

Can you imagine what this guy’s mother said? Aspirations? Hiding in plain sight? Well, he got my attention. Thanks for the laugh. Want to Link?

JakeAnyway, check out this profile; specifically, the guy’s title. Come on, it’s worth a chuckle.


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