Posted by: Joelle Burnette | January 22, 2013

Dreamy tech frustrations

social networking2 copyYou know your brain is plugged into social media and technology when you have frustrating dreams dominated by how your life is revealed through their use.

Early this morning while Barack Obama was experiencing his second Presidential Inauguration Day (a happy day for my family…even for my Republican husband who did indeed vote for him), I had a dream that transported me from one setting to another. One moment I was out at a race track and the next moment I was in my living room watching the news.

My lucky cousin who took this photo got to be so close to all the Inauguration Day action this morning.

My lucky cousin who took this photo got to be so close to all the Inauguration Day action this morning.

Out at the track, I was watching my son running a race. I was standing at the sidelines watching the large pack of runners rounding the track and heading toward the finish line.

Oddly, the runners weren’t wearing shorts and a light shirt; rather, they were wearing street clothes appropriate for winter. They wore heavy jeans and they were bundled in warm jackets. A subconscious response, I suppose, to the open window in my bedroom that allowed winter’s chill to cool the night’s regular succession of menopausal hot flashes.

I cheered as my son ran by and I was using my iPhone to snap photos. I remember thinking how I was going to post the photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. I had already begun considering which Instagram filter I would use; which frame I would choose from another app.

I watched my son passing by as member of a smaller group leading the mass of runners. The race ended, but I couldn’t see where he finished.

Suddenly, I was in my living room watching the race on CNN. They replayed the end of the race in slow motion with Wolf Blitzer speaking. My son and one of his high school buddies were shown racing for the third-place position when a graphic came up on the screen. The third- and fourth-place spots were separated by a split second, but my son came in fourth. That meant he lost his chance to represent his country in the Olympics.

I wanted to take a photo of the graphic that had been removed from the television, but when I began rewinding the news, I couldn’t seem to find the spot as I scrolled through the show. I remember feeling frustrated because I really wanted to post that graphic to social media to show that my son nearly made it into the Olympics.

It turned out to be one of those dreams that you wake up frustrated enough that you still think you can fix the issue. There are those few moments while your head still rests on your pillow, your eyes open and you must remind yourself it was a dream as you begin hunting for your phone.

I need a month in Hawaii.


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