Posted by: Joelle Burnette | August 7, 2012


I find it ironic…the same number glowing red on the bathroom scale that looked absolutely horrible on the way up, appears equally promising on the way down. I’ve lost 24 pounds and have at least 40 more to go.

Thanks to that photo in the Press Democrat that accompanied the first story about my book Cancer Time Bomb, I have been motivated to lose, lose, lose weight. But these plateaus…they’re pressing down on my motivation and spirit.

“You have to look good for the TV,” is what my mom insists whenever we chat on Skype.

“I know, mom. I’m getting there, but it’s not a fast process.” I’m 46 years old and still answer to my mom. Are all Jewish mom’s the same? We’re separated by the length of the United States, but that doesn’t stop her. And anyway, we’re competing to see who has more success on our diets.

I’m doing better than she is on her Southern diet that lists alligator and squirrel as permitted meal choices. Yum, right? Okay, not exactly California cuisine.

Mine isn’t really a diet. After years of offering the same advice, I finally listened to my sister…”eat less, move more.” Damn! It’s working! Uhgg…sister rivalry takes over and I hate admitting that she was right.


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